“That Richard Poulin has created yet another stunning, essential book on architecture and graphic design comes as no surprise. His books will be a defining, canonical reference for an entire discipline.”

Jonathan Alger, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, C&G Partners (United States)

“The importance of environmental graphic design is becoming increasingly apparent as our built environments grow and expand to form novel, urban landscapes.  It functions to serve everyday users while folding seamlessly into the work of aligned design practitioners. 
Richard Poulin graciously shares his finely attuned design sensibility and his expansive knowledge to document the best of the best. 
A gift for the present and the future.”

Despina Macris, Director, Dotdash (Australia)

Archigraphia Redux is already an indispensable book. The selection of the seven grand subjects that make up its index offer a 360-degrees vision of the current practice of environmental graphic design.”

Manuel Estrada, Estrada Design (Spain)

In recognizing its 40th anniversary, Archigraphia Redux pays tribute to Archigraphia: Architectural and Environmental Graphics (Graphis, 1976) by Walter Herdeg (1908–1995), founder and editor of Graphis Magazine, and looks ahead to celebrate the breadth of architectural and environmental graphic design in the 21st century.

Today’s graphic designers are charged with furthering the story of a building or space and having that story connect with a diverse and varied audience. Whether as simple as a building sign for a corporation or commercial tenant or as extensive as a wayfinding sign system, environmental graphics reinforce a sense of place and allow us to respond to the built environment in a much more immediate, emotional, and memorable way than ever before. The built environment that we experience in our everyday lives continually relies upon graphic design to communicate information and identity, shape our overall perception and memory of a sense of place, and ultimately enliven, enrich, and humanize our lives.

This new volume, features the same six chapters as the original—Pictograms and Symbols, Vehicular Sign Systems, Visual Guidance and Wayfinding Systems, Building Façades and Storefronts, Supergraphics and Animated Surfaces, and Transportation and Vehicle Graphics. A new seventh chapter covers New Approaches and Digital Technologies. Each chapter includes an introductory essay by authorities on each subject covered—Tom Geismar (United States), Ronald Shakespear (Argentina), Alex Wood (United Kingdom), Masaaki Hiromura (Japan), Paula Scher (United States), Peter Knapp (United Kingdom), and Nik Hafermaas (United States). Over 150 designers, architects, interiors designers, landscape architects, and artists from over 40 countries are represented throughout the book.

Archigraphia Redux

Richard Poulin

Graphis, 2017

Hardcover, paperback, e-book

304 pages, 400 images

8.5 x 1.25 x 11.75 inches