Gibney Community Action
Gibney Community Action
Gibney Community Action
Founded in 1991 as a non-profit, modern dance company with a mission to influence dance, movement, creativity, and performance into effecting social change and personal transformation, Gibney Dance strives to create and perform engaging work in a cooperative community.

Gibney Dance collaborates with several social service organizations to offer Community Action, a program that teaches survivors of domestic violence methods of self-expression through movement. Founded in 2000, Community Action currently offers 500 free workshops annually, conducted by dancers specially trained to develop classes that draw from their artistic practices and address the needs of participants. Tailored to the unique needs of each shelter, workshops are supervised by a social worker and stress clinical themes, address group dynamics, and explore common issues. Community Action profoundly impacts the lives of its participants, providing them with essential emotional tools to regain control of their futures.

Poulin + Morris developed a brochure to inform the public about this innovative program. Expanding on the environmental graphics program created for Gibney Dance’s new downtown facility, the concept of movement is emphasized through the use of typography, color, and statistical graphics. Black-and-white photography of the workshops is coupled with bold and vibrant letterforms, in various sizes and orientations, vividly displaying visual data and narrative information about this important and vital program.

Poulin + Morris continues to work with Gibney Dance on a variety of projects, including branding, print
media, environmental graphics, and wayfinding sign programs for their 280 Broadway facility and various
fundraising events.

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